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SCRAM Recidivism Study

Learn more about the recently-released NHTSA report, "Comparative Study and Evaluation of SCRAM Use, Recidivism Rates, and Characteristics", which looks at the impact of SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring on DUI recidivism.

Client & Customer Testimonials

  • “I was a lot more active when it came to work.  I didn't find excuses to get out of work.  I felt more motivated especially since I was able to find more work when I was not drinking.  Clients even liked the fact that I was on the program, I think it made them feel more comfortable around me.”

    SCRAM CAM Participant
  • I'm really glad this program is available. It is worth the money and thank you for being able to stay out of jail.

    SCRAM CAM Participant
  • Thank you! You being an early riser saved by butt this morning!! SCRAM definitely served its purpose for my client (no jail, no public work, and no drinking for 42 days).  SCRAM is a wonderful alternative for us these days, makes me look like a rock star!
    Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Thanks so much for always answering our questions so quickly!
    Deputy District Attorney
  • It let me know that I can stop drinking and I also feel healthier and I have money in my pocket.
    SCRAM CAM Participant
  • I had the device on for almost a year and I am so grateful that I had it on.  It was like a guardian angel. It made me really evaluate my life and helped me to seek other professional help so I can continue with a sobriety I never thought existed.
    SCRAM CAM Participant

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