24/7 Drug Testing Patch

PharmChek® drugs of abuse patch uses sweat as the specimen source. It provides an alternative to urine collection and offers a number of advantages. Because the sweat patch is worn on the skin for up to 10 days or longer, it not only acts as a deterrent to continued drug use, but also increases the window of detection to include any period when it is worn. With sweat testing – unlike urine – the parent drug, as well as the drug metabolite, can typically be detected. Therefore, it is easier to identify which drug was actually taken.

PharmCheck 24/7 Drug Tresting Patch

PharmChek Advantages

  • Increased window of detection
  • Acts as a deterrent to drug abuse
  • Detects parent drug and drug metabolites
  • Variable removal date
  • Quick application and removal
  • No urine collections
  • No sample substitution / no sample dilution
  • Detects: marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamine/methamphetamine, and PCP

Client Costs

  • $100 One-time enrollment
  • $5 Daily Monitoring