The Dangers of Binge Drinking and St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday recognized throughout the world originally rooted in the celebration of Saint Patrick of Ireland. However, this holiday has spun itself into a celebration for many things, celebrated by many different individuals. These individuals come from all walks of
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SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in California

Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in California Drunk Driver Program

Like most major metropolitan areas, San Diego County has been challenged with alcohol-related crime, particularly DUI. In a typical year, more than 16,000 adult DUI arrests are made. In 2011, 45% of drivers killed in motor vehicle accidents had a BAC level in excess of 0.08%. In 2011,
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1st Annual San Diego DUI Symposium Attracts Quite the Attendance

With support from San Diego County Supervisor, Dianne Jacob, SCRAM of California established the 1st annual San Diego County DUI Symposium, held on October 16, 2013. “A gathering of the region’s best minds and strategies to address the scourge of driving while under the influence,” Ja
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